Unique Experiences in Extraordinary Settings

Check out our event with Hennessy!

It was a great pleasure working with this wonderful brand. We created a warm, yet chic atmosphere with our lighting elements, and invited guests to partake in the Hennessy aesthetic with our artistic design for the side rooms of the main area.

We partnered up with Foundermade!

We created a Multisensory Tasting Dinner for the Foundermade Consumer Discovery Show that delighted all senses. It was a blast entertaining our guests with music, charming decor and a gorgeous ambiance.

We also put on a Big Chocolate Show!

The experiences we help setup leaves an indelible impression on your audience and delivers a level of service that consistently exceeds expectations. The Big Chocolate show was no exception, it wowed guests who were captivated by the atmosphere and broad selection of chocolate.

We even worked together with Elvis Duran and Z100!

The show we put on with Z100 was incredible! Our team successfully staged a concert with numerous musical acts. It all came together in the end with wonderful lighting  on the Empire State Building.

We produced an amazing concert with VH1!

It’s with pride that we were able to take part in a show that featured performances by Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, and Patti LaBelle,  just to name a few of the amazing performers that evening. We hope you didn’t miss it!